The television section of my website shows how I have developed not only my camera and storytelling skills, but leadership skills. I have included two TV stories as well as two examples of producing. 




Pancreatic Cancer

Professional makeup artist Tiffany Morton uses her makeup looks to educate others about pancreatic cancer awareness month as her mother died from the disease two years ago.

Project Everybody

Project Everybody Art Show showcases artists with different levels of ability to help celebrate International Day of Persons of Disabilities. One artist in particular shares his story of how he got into art after an accident left him paralyzed. 

Producing BCIT Magazine

My partner, Kareem Gouda, and I were responsible for the show's content and theme. We also decided who the live hitters were going to be based on the stories that made it into the show. We made sure everyone submitted all of their documents on time. We also wrote copy stories for the anchors to read. I really enjoyed my time producing and it gave me a better appreciation for how shows come together. Yes, it was stressful at times but I really enjoyed being the person behind the scenes pulling the strings. 

Producing BCIT InFocus

BCIT InFocus takes an in-depth look at one of BCIT's satellite campuses. This show profiled the CARI Campus where researchers create new projects in the MAKE + lab and conduct food research in the phytoanalytics lab. As producers, my partner Darya, and I were responsible for helping our reporters find their stories. We also pushed the reporters to be as creative as possible. For example, many of the stories don't have voiceovers and used more creative graphics to enhance the storytelling. We also worked closely with the Television Production students to coordinate the live-taping of the show. 

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