This section includes various examples of using radio as a platform to report and tell stories. Now, you get to hear how I can tell a story and how I can produce, mix and edit audio. 

Radio Reporting

Below, I interviewed a former Winter Olympian about her experience at the Games in the early 2000s. I really love is the challenge of being able to turn multiple versions of one radio story in a short amount of time. You will hear how I extracted different clips from one interview to give a fresh perspective to the same story. These interviews aired on Evolution 107.9 News during the 2018 Winter Games.  

Radio Documentary

Chinese New Year

My partner, Carol, and I wanted to explore how Chinese Canadians celebrate Chinese New Year. Our first character, Leanne, moved to Vancouver from China when she was a teenager. Even though it's hard, she tries her best to keep up with as many traditions as possible. Our second character, Kyle, is a third generation Chinese Canadian that used to celebrate the holiday a lot as a kid but no longer does. 

Laughing Through the Struggle

My partner, Natalia, and I decided to look into how hard it is to follow your dreams in a city like Vancouver where the cost of living is extremely high. We focused in on the arts community and two characters that are trying to make it as comedians. The first character, Sonja, is a member of a few Improv teams but just recently tried stand-up comedy for the first time. The second character, Mufaro, moved to Canada a few years ago from Zimbabwe and has been pursuing comedy ever since. Even though these characters seem very different, they are surprisingly similar. 

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