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Food for Thought: How some restaurants in Burnaby repeatedly fail health inspections

Almost everyone living in Metro Vancouver eats in restaurants from time to time. Whether you go frequently or occasionally, almost all of us take the luxury of going to a restaurant for granted.

Have you ever thought about how that food gets to you? Between the storage, refrigeration, preparation, handling and cooking – a lot can go wrong.


Distracted Driving in Vancouver

Citizen's Crime Watch volunteer, Megan Lui, is interviewed about the ongoing issue of distracted driving. CCW volunteers often work with the VPD to catch people for minor crimes. Lui and fellow volunteers dress in plain clothing, stand near large intersections and watch for people using their phones while driving. Once they see someone committing an offence, they take photos or videos of the driver then radio nearby police officers to catch them. Lui brings an interesting view to this ongoing problem because she is able to help the police catch more people than the police would be able to catch on their own. 

Mental Health Awareness 

Breanne Williamson shares her story to thousands of followers on Youtube and Instagram so that she can help others that are struggling with anxiety like herself. As you will see when watching this story, Breanne has developed a routine of daily activities that help calm her anxiety. Sarah Hamid-Balma from the Canadian Mental Heath Association is also featured in the story to talk about the importance of taking care of your mental health. 

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