Hobbies & Interests

Music & Concerts

Music is extremely important to me. I have always listened to music and cannot live without it. When I was a little kid, my mom told me that any time I liked a song on the radio, I would ask her the name of that song and the artist. Then, next time we would hear that song on the radio, I would yell out name of the song and artist with pride! I'm constantly surfing music apps and websites to find the latest tunes, regardless of the genre!

I also love to go to concerts to see my favourite artists live. I love hearing their voices live and watching the stage production come to life while they perform. I wouldn't be able to name my favourite concert, that is too difficult as every artist is special in their own way! However, the photo I chose to display is that of Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay. They are my favourite band and this photo was taken in September 2017, the last time they played live in Vancouver. It was my fourth, and best, time seeing them!! 


In my opinion, travel is essential to happiness! I try to travel at least once a year. The reason why I have made travel an important aspect of my life is that I strongly believe that it develops character. When we travel, we are exposed to different cultures and norms that aren't our own. Travel affords the opportunity to learn outside of a classroom and develop "street smarts" as well. I have learned key life lessons through trips I have taken as well as met some amazing people along the way. Yes, vacations cost money but the pay off is priceless! Some of my most notable travel experiences include doing a safari in South Africa, being in Spain during World Cup 2010, doing a ghost tour in Edinburgh and being in Istanbul during Ramadan. 


Yes, women follow sports too! My favourite is football, more commonly known as soccer in North America. I played throughout my childhood and have watched it religiously on TV for more than 10 years. The first team I ever started to follow was the Spanish National Team during World Cup 2006. From there, I began to follow FC Barcelona in 2007 and the rest is history! They are by far my favourite team and in my opinion, the best team in the world! I was fortunate enough to study abroad in Barcelona in 2013 and was able to watch six live games including a Champions League game and a Copa del Rey quarter final game. Visca Barca!

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