This section of my website includes a few examples of my online work such as articles, infographics and alternative storytelling tools. It is important to show that I'm comfortable using tools like WordPress, Canva, and Knightlab because most news rooms are working on, or are already, digital first. 



Digital Documentary

Coyotes, raccoons and bears, oh my! Interactions with urban wildlife and how to stay safe 

If you’ve grown up in the Lower Mainland, chances are you’ve encountered some kind of urban wildlife. Whether it be a raccoon, coyote or even a bear, sightings of these animals are quite common.

However, when and how can a simple sighting turn into a dangerous interaction? Recently stories of coyotes approaching or chasing children have been reported in the Mount Pleasant area as well as Richmond.

As Winter turns to Spring and these animals begin to breed, these interactions may become more frequent.





(WildSafe BC)





The first video is about a charity run put on by the family of a fallen RCMP officer. They raise funds for a refuge house that supports emergency services personnel and their families in times of need. I used raw footage provided by my classmate Aiya Benaso to create this T-O-V for the BCIT News website. 

The second video is about the pros and cons of Cinco de Mayo and how one restaurant owner uses the holiday to educate her customers. I used raw footage provided by my classmate Srushti Gangdev to create this T-O-V for social media. 


Other Tools

Below are examples of alternative storytelling. The first one is a story map of places to take your children trick-or-treating that was embedded into an article about Halloween safety. The second one is a timeline of all the earthquakes recorded by Natural Resources Canada up to November 1st, 2018. I created a short post about the recent earthquakes off the coast of Port Alice to go along with the timeline. For both, I built the stories through a free, desktop app called Knightlab. 

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